How to register an icq number (for dummies)

The most popular instant messaging protocol in Russia is icq (i seek u ;)). So here is the help for those people who have downloaded (may be the best icq client without ad) QIP and don’t know how to register new icq num.

Why QIP? Because it’s very simple, very fast, free and quite easy to install and use. While using QIP you won’t see any ads! That’s really good! :)

Firstly, you have to press button with a down arrow. You will see a form (New ICQ User registration). And then just fill all the field. :) Everything is quite easy!
image - qip register form

Well, now you have to get captcha picture in order to complete your registration (in three steps):
image - qip register form

After you filled all the fields (there are only two fields u must fill) and pressed the “Register new ICQ#” the information about your new ICQ num must be appeard as on the pictures below.
image - qip register form
image - qip register form

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